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Tutordel values teachers and their hard-earned qualifications. Understanding the crucial role tutors play in the lives of students. We take pride in our exceptional tutors and their unwavering commitment to fostering long-term triumphs for students.

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Finding a tutor can be challenging. With independent tutors, word of mouth is crucial. However, opting for a tutoring company provides the advantage of online reviews, a comprehensive website showcasing available tutors, and a diverse pool of high-quality options. Parents should prioritize a tutor’s years of experience, state certification, expertise, education, and personality. Ultimately, customer reviews offer valuable insights into a tutor’s effectiveness.

Being actively involved in your child’s education is the best way to determine if your child needs a tutor. Staying in touch with their teachers, understanding their grades versus their peers, and knowing how satisfied they are with what they are doing in school are the best ways to know if your child needs a little extra help. Additionally, sometimes it may not even be a case of your child being behind, but noticing if they are dissatisfied with their academic performance and want to get ahead. These are several signs you may need to find a tutor.

Lessons hold in the comfort of your home or any other location that works best for you. You can choose to have lessons delivered in-person or online by your preferred home tutor.

We have access to thousands of vetted tutors in different specialties and locations across the country. This makes it possible for us to match you with the very best tutors without any stress for you. We work with your budget and make the entire process as flexible as possible.

We help guarantee the safety of your learner and your home whether the classes are online or physical learning sessions. We also provide performance reports and track learner progress, we also ensure quality assurance for the classes held.

Each tutor is thoroughly screened for subject expertise, personality, and safety. We verify their government-issued ID cards and online profiles, conduct interviews, test their knowledge of each subject, and verify their guarantors to ensure your peace of mind.

At Tutordel, we only pick tutors with the correct teaching experience. It’s all very well being an extremely knowledgeable person but being able to transfer that information to the student is one of the most important skills that a tutor must have. Our tutors have both teaching experience and expert knowledge of their field.

We personally interview each and every tutor who applies, and only around 1 in 8 tutors who apply make it onto the platform. The best combination to achieve 9s and A’s.

We do everything we can to ensure a good tutoring match, In the unlikely event that you’re not satisfied with your tutor, we’ll immediately replace the tutor or refund your balance.

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